Wasat Studios aims to deliver the most outstanding Islamic video content directly to you employing the highest in content and quality. Our standards are unmatched, our style is slick, and our slogan says it all.

“Setting Islam as the standard.”

That’s the goal and means by which Wasat Studios operates. Islam came as the highest quality way of life for all. Unfortunately, many Dawah projects are run by standards that undermine the excellence of Islam, resulting in poorly conducted projects, low-end efforts, and second-rate results.

Wasat Studios aims to change all that by delivering the best in Islamic media content.

Filming Your Event

Wasat Studios began producing media in 2006 is based in the greater Chicagoland area, filming local speeches, projects, documentaries and conventions. Filming is conducted in High-Definition format and editing with professional Non-Linear Editing Software to accommodate customers interested in HD, SD, or web-based content.

We specialize in recording events and producing them for distribution. To contact Wasat Studios about a filming inquiry, visit our Contact Us page.